Wk43 – Rest then run

On Monday, the same as last week after the long run, I decided I wouldn’t do my easy run in the morning… instead I’d either do it Monday night at the gym or Tuesday morning.

Then after work on Monday I went to ‘Toys R Us’ to get my neice and nephews their Christmas (and Birthday) presents ahead of my brother popping down this weekend.  By the time I had bought most of the shop… it was about half six and I decided that Monday night would be a good night for a rest and wrapping of the presents.  (Instead of the run / swim / maybe weights I was thinking of doing!).

The plan was to run on Tuesday morning instead.  And… just my luck the forecast was hellish… heavy heavy rain all over Scotland right at the time I would be running….hey ho.

I started off and pressed my garmin on (I thought) and my nike plus ipod on too.  Once I got going, the run seemed like the worst run I’ve had in a while – up to Maxwell Park and back.  The only positive thing about it was that I managed to miss the forecast heavy rain.  I think it’s all in my mind really, and perhaps that the long run is slowing my pace down: something I need to just deal with.

I managed to drag myself out of the door by 7am, a little later than normal.  I was dressed for rain, so I had my 3/4 length trousers on and my dhb flourescent jacket on (with a long sleeved top under it).  If it had been raining, I would have been fine, but half way round I was pretty warm.  I was thinking it’ll be just fine for when it’s cold (and dark)…but not just yet. ( I just didn’t want to get soaked!)

I saw Mr Fox again at the usual bit at Terregles Avenue, he was a bit further away this time so I didn’t startle him as much as I did last time.  I wonder if I’ll still see him when the clocks go back?

I started my garmin and my ipod, but appraently I hadn’t started my garmin and only realised when I stopped.  humph.  Nevermind.

I did the 4.3 miles in about 37 minutes, 8:36 min miles – so actually not all that bad after all.  It was dark all the way round this time… it should be a bit better next week after the clocks go back.

I climbed up the stairs to the flat, happy that I’d dragged myself out for the run and thought I must keep early morning runs up. Plus it was an excuse for one and a half breakfasts. 😀  (small bowl of shreddies before I left and a bowl of porridge as usual before work).

RUN: 4.3 miles, 37 mins, 8:36 min miles, about 460 cals.
262 miles challenge: 185.26 – 4.3 = 180.96 miles to go

Tonight is fancy dress spinfit – should be fun / funny!!

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