Christmas come early…! (and with a 15% discount)

Ho ho ho.  Santa Claus took me shopping on Friday night after work to Cotswold Outdoor in the west end.  We were going to ‘look’ at walking boots for me, and nice warm (and hopefully waterproof) trousers to keep Santa warm and dry climbing hills.

I went up to the shoe bit and a nice man called Craig helped us.  I tried on this rather expensive pair of Salomon Cosmic boots – the only pair of 6’s left.  I tried one on with a thick sock and one on with a thin trainer sock.  I walked about in them and they were brilliant. Hugging, tight, supportive and light.

I figured it was just a fluke so tried on about 5 over pairs but none compared.  The issue I had with my last pair of walking boots was give at the heel where going up hill my heel would move about and cause massive blisters.  Not in these babies!!

I get 15% off in the shop too, so I got them at a reduced rate.  Or Santa did, should I say.  And I got them a little cheap boot cover/case to keep them warm too.  They are going to live in the boot of my car, so I thought I’d get them something to keep them safe/tidy/warm. lol

Santa got her trousers: North face ski / waterproof ones.  Excellent quality and half price in the sale.  Bargain.  They’ll keep Santa warm and dry this winter.  😀

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