Wk41 – 3.7M Clyde Bridges

I got home and went out for a run with my friend.  The same as last week, she’s still getting over her injury.  We ran east along the Clyde, along the regenerated part and along to the Gorbals.  We managed to get stopped around 3 times by traffic lights, but managed an overall (moving) time about half a minute faster than last week.

We were annoyed about half way round by a cyclist up on the pavement… he didn’t want to cycle on the cobbled street and started swearing at us ‘bloody runners’ for getting in his way!  Numpty!

The night was cold – maybe about 10’C, and I was just waiting for it to start to get dark.  I’d worn shorts and a long sleeved top which were just right for the temperature, but it’s definately time for ear cover now.  I took my buff with me and put it on when we were stopped at the Squinty Bridge traffic lights. 

I’ll see if I can persuade my friend to run to the furthest bridge on the Clyde next week.

RUN: 3.7M, 33:06, 8:54 (9 secs faster than last week), Calories: 396.
Ave HR: 142 (75%), Max HR: 152 (80%)

It got dark around 7pm last night…and it will be getting darker sooner over time… great fun!

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