Target Weight App for iPhone

I got this Target Weight app for my iPhone a few months back, and I have to say it’s pretty good!

It’s a very simple way of recording your weight and setting youself targets if you wish to.  I’ve been my ideal weight since I lost a stone a few years ago… so I don’t really need the target setting, but it would be a great tool to have if you wanted to set yourself a target and aim to get there.  I must admit it’s nice to see a wee chart of my weight go down over the last few months or so.

You put in your height when you get the app, and you can then go on to record your weight as you go.  You also link your contact and an image of yourself to the app.  Once you put in weight recordings, it returns a neat wee graph and your BMI.  (I know BMI is rather out dated, but it works for me).

And best of all – its FREE!

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