The days are getting shorter…

I’m in a quandry… now with the days getting shorter it’s getting harder for me to realistically fit all my training in if things come up where I can’t do things in the day light.

For example this Saturday, I had a 14 mile run planned in the morning, but now I’ve agreed to teach swimming from 8-10am… usually I would aim to fit this in elsewhere – but the only place I can think of is Sunday morning before swimming teaching.

I did consider doing it tonight, but I checked the sunset times… and aparrently the sun goes down at 18:22 tonight!  Arg.  I ain’t going out running at night in Glasgow (on my own anyway).  It wasn’t so long ago the sun was going down at 8pm.

I don’t really want to run for 2 hours before work…so I think my only option really is to either do the run after swimming teaching on Saturday, or on Sunday morning – or perhaps run on Thursday night with a mate?

I could also try long distances on the ‘dreadmill’ but I’d probably get too bored and the machines are set up with time limits (between 20 – 60 mins) so that would just get annoying.

So I’m thinking this for the rest of the week:

Wed PM: Swim Session 4
Thu AM: Run 5 miles (tempo)
Thu PM: Bike 60 mins, Swim Session 5
Fri AM: Run 3 miles easy
Sat AM: Rest (or Run 14M)
Sun AM: Run 14M (or rest).

That would be 4 runs, 3 swims, 2 spins and 1 bike.  Let’s see if I can fit all that in?!  I could always ditch a swim for the 14 mile run, but if I’m doing it at night I’ll need a running buddy!  I’ll see what I can do.

Or maybe I could try the  14M on the treadmill tonight?  Who knows.  One things for sure… these shorter days are already starting to p me off.  😛 Aw well, I will live in Scotland and at least there are still 10.5 hours of daylight just now! (compared to 7 hours in December).

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