Wk41: 6.3M run then Swim Session 3 (2)

Today, 2 days after the climb up that mountain my quads feel like they’ve been run over. They were fine on Sunday, the day 2 arrives and I’m walking about almost like an old lady with the faith that the pain will subside by tomorrow – thankfully.

Tonight I managed to motivate my ass out the door to the pool. Bella pool reopened after 2 weeks of being broken so I headed there after a bite to eat.

I decided I would start by going on the treadmill, or ‘dreadmill’ as I like to call it, and was going to run for and easy 5k.

I started at an easy 6.5mph for mile 1, 6.8mph for mile 2 and felt very good, so I repeated the two speeds for miles 3 and 4.  Then I increased the speed to 7.1mph for mile 5 and 7.5mph for mile 6, ending the last half a mile at 7.7mph.

A nice short easy run turned into a 6.3 mile run with increasing intervals. Not bad, and made me feel better for lying in bed (sore leggies needing rest) this morning instead of doing my usual early Monday morning run.

RUN: 6.3M, 54:07, 8:35 min miles, 766 calories.
Ave HR: 159 (84%), Max HR: 182 (96%).

I wasn’t going to push it but I felt good and knew I just had a few minutes to go. I went outside for some fresh air, then just after 8pm went to the pool to do Swim Session 3 for the second time.

The pool was dead, partly because no kids are allowed after 8pm and also because it’s the school holidays and the pool had been broken for the last fortnight.

I chose to swim at the wall, and didn’t get disturbed once. 😀 There were only about 5 people in the pool anyway. Ideal for my ‘1 mile time trial’ as part of the session.

Here’s the summary:
Swim Session 3 (Round 2)
Date: 11/10/10. Time: 43:13, Distance: 2200m, Calories: 471.
Ave HR: 140 (74%), Max HR: 150 (79%), Min HR: 102.
Warm up: 3 x 100m FC/FC pull/FC kick/FC: 1:39, 1:53, 2:39,1:39. (no rest)
Main Set, Time Trial, 1600m: 29:06 (23 secs rest)
Cool down: 4 x 50m kick, BC/FC: 1:22, 1:25, 1:23, 1:21. (no rest)

I did a bit of stretching in the pool and left very happy with my effort tonight – not much rest, easy steady swimming after a run.  The swim session took 13 seconds longer than the last time I did it on August 2nd, but this time my HR was lower and my mile time trial time was 21 seconds faster!

After the swim I drank a pint of water to make sure I don’t dehydrate tomorrow, fingers crossed.

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