To swim or not to swim?

So… just about 2 weeks after starting back after my break away… things are going well.  Running is good, spin fit, and feeling very healthy and fit.

However… you may have noticed over the last few weeks that I have ‘said’ I’m going swimming … and I never do.  That age old problem (in my head) is allowing me to plan a swim, then wimp out. 

I’d be going back to swimming short sets of between 35-50 minutes (1800-2500m) … but I just can’t face going to the pool!  I love it when I do it… it just seems to be the thought of the whole thing that puts me off!

Excuses keep coming up, like:

  • I’ll run instead. 
  • I’m too tired.
  • It’s getting too late.
  • My usual pool is broken.
  • I’m just starting back.
  • I’ll do it tomorrow.
  • I’ll do it by the end of the week.
  • I’ll do it on Sunday.
  • I’ll do the ironing instead!!

Oh my god… it must have been bad if I was doing ironing instead of swmming!!

So – I have the 10 swim sessions all ready… and tonight… fingers crossed… I am going to swim session 2 of it.  Then the aim is to fit 2-3 swims in a week.

The times I can go are:

  • Monday evening straight after work.*
  • Wednesday evening straight after work.*
  • Thursday evening at Tollcross after 6pm.
  • Friday morning.
  • Sunday morning before teaching.

* My problem with straight after work is that its never ‘straight after work’ – I always go home first…and either run or get caught up in something else which gives me the excuse to cop out of the swim!  I need to just go straight from work!

Whilst nothing is set in stone – as you can see I have lots of opportunity to swim… and when I do it – I love it.  But for some unknown reason I have been avoiding it.

Lets see what happens tonight!  Aim is tonight swim session 2, then sessions 3 and 4 next week.  I need to increase my motivation and just do it!!!

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1 Response to To swim or not to swim?

  1. lornpearson says:

    The answer to the question:

    Swim. And stop being so weird and lazy / lacking in motivation when it comes to swimming! Just do it! 🙂

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