I love swimming!! – Swim Session 2

Tonight I managed to get myself to the 50m pool at Tollcross.  After many ideas of making it to a pool over the last 2 weeks, I finally made it.  And I have to day – I loved it.

Tollcross is a brilliant and usually more or less empty Olympic sized pool I’m lucky enough to live near-ish to: the pool I started teaching swimming at, and a pool I love to swim in.  I took this sneaky photo when I went in to the changing rooms. 😉

I got in the pool around 19:25 and it was freezing!  I started swimming though and all was fine. I had to really think about the number of lengths I was doing as usually swim in a 25m pool.  Sure it’s simple, divide by 2, but for some reason when I’m swimming maths isn’t my strong point.  Duh. 😉 concentrating too much on other things I think.

The pool tasted really weird when I started to swim – I almost thought I tasted liquorish …?  Strange.  It seemed to die down the more I swam.

Here’s a summary of my swim anyway:

Swim Session 2: Round 2
2000m, (40 lengths of 50m pool)
41:04, Ave HR: 141 (74%), Max HR: 159 (84%), 471 Calories.
200m FC/200m BC: 3:22 (7), 4:22 (5)
2 x 4 x 50m various FC: 0:50, 0:55, 0:55, 0:58 (25)
0:50, 0:55, 0:54, 1:02 (10)
3 x 200m FC build: 3:39 (5), 3:32  (5), 3:29 (5)
2 x 250m FC /BS: 4:31, 6:01 (18)
100m BC kick: 2:42

I got  a bit confused at the 2 x 4 x 200m… I won’t go into it… but it turned out I did it right in the end… even though it seemed my brain was mush.

During and after my swim… I drank a bottle of caffeine boost lucozade – and it was only as I finished it post swim… that I realised it was 8pm and I had just taken in 80mg of caffeine.  Not the brightest of things I’ve done this week.  hey ho… I don’t seem to be too ‘buzzed up’ on it.

Now it’s just the matter of making sure I drink enough water tonight before I go to bed to prevent an dehydration.  I’ll try 1 pint of water… see how that goes and  how I feel in the morning.
(I used to get hot flushes and an odd feeling the day after swimming for that sort of distance, and worked out that it was odd side effects of being dehydrated).

Lastly… you can see this is ‘Round 2’ of Swim Session 2.  The last time I swam this distance was on the 28th of July 2010 and I swam it 30 seconds faster.  I seemed to swim each FC bit faster this time, but maybe took a little longer in breaks (+30 secs) and in breast stroke and back crawl compared to the last time.  Average HR was lower this time though (74% this time compared to 78% last time), Max HR was the same.

Good to know I am swimming (front crawl) faster than a few months ago too!  (But perhaps that’s the difference of swimming 50m – with only tumble turns every 50m, compared to every 25m in a smaller pool!)

Now it’s fingers crossed I can keep up the motivation to actually get to (and in) the pool 2-3 times a week!!

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