39 weeks of this year so far…

I’ll finish this week with a little update of how many miles I’ve done this year so far… etc…

In the first 39 weeks of this year, I have:

RUN: 461 miles (12M a week)
CYCLED: 431 miles  (11M a week)
SWUM: 47 miles
WALKED: 195 miles
TOTAL: 1,133 miles.

I’ve exercised for around 17,000 minutes, or 282 hours –  on average 7 hours a week – including quite a few weeks of rest for injury and holidays.

I’ve burned around 180,000 calories (on average about 4,600 a week)…which is the equivalent of 51 lbs or 3.5 stones!!

One quarter of the year to go…13 weeks left… and I am a happy bunny!  Looking forward to an early morning run tomorrow in the 8’C that is pre day time Monday morning.  Hope to see the sun rise around 7:20 or so.

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