Wk39 – 5.1M tempo run

This morning it was forecast for heavy rain … and heavy rain it was. The end of hurricane Igor I think. There was loads of coverage of it when we were in America, and it looks like the same sort of large strong storm… hey ho. It’s funny that our weather man describes it as a ‘strong weather system’, where as it is actually the end of the hurricane. I guess they don’t want to scare people.

Anyway.. I woke at 6am… and managed to drag myself out for bed for 6:30… had a weetabix quickly then put on my shorts, t-shirt and puma jacket hoping it would provide a bit of shelter. I also wore my mighty deerstalker buff to keep my ears warm. 🙂

My aim was 5 miles…3 miles at tempo pace and I think I just about did it. A steady first mile…but it was raining so I didn’t check my Garmin, just went on the feeling… it was quite a struggle and half way round I felt my heart feel a little strange…just need to get back into it I think.

Anyway…it went as follows:

1 8:12
2 8:28
3 8:06
4 8:06
5 7:53
0.14 7:51

Overall Pace: 8:15 mins per mile. Not as good as it was before I went away, but good for getting back into it. I ran 5.1 miles in just under 42 mins which I am happy with. I’m also happy with how hard my heart worked…. 88% over the run, up to 95% half way on the hill and maxing at 102% at the end!

Wk39 – 5.1M Tempo

RUN: 5.14M, 41:51, 8:15, 557 cals.
Ave HR: 168 (88%), Max HR: 193 (102%).

I’m going swimming tonight…swim session 2… Bella is shut so it’ll probably be the Gorbals I’ll go to.

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