Great Scottish Half Marathon – dressed as Supergirl!!

I ran the Great Scottish half marathon in 1:45:48…

Garmin details

My average heart rate was 172 (91%) and my max heart rate was 184 (97%) (as I crossed the finish line)….

I ran on average at 7.5mph or 8 minute miles….

I burned around 1,400 calories…

I was 1,801st out of 8,939 runners, the top 20% of runners….

I was the first in fancy dress over the line….

I got lots of cheers from the crowds, and the participants and got my name mentioned as I crossed the line….

I was 238th out of 3,542 women, the top 7% of female runners…..

I had lunch then taught swimming for 4 hours…and I’ve just had a foot bath and sorted my feet out.

Get the Scottish Sun on Tuesday and you might just see me in it…. 😀

Photos here:

Great Scottish Half Marathon 2010 – as Supergirl

I think I’m ready for a holiday now… 🙂  Roll on Wednesday… flight leaves at 9:10!!

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