Wk34 – Climb up Ben Ime

On Saturday we went up Ben Ime.  We were going to try and do Ben Narnain then Ben Ime, but the route we took took us around the side of Ben Narnain…suited me fine. 
We walked for just over 9.5 miles in total, up 3231ft.  We passed the Cobbler which had some cloud on it so we couldn’t see it properly but we saw it on the way back down. It was sunny, but wild…and once we got above about 900ft the cloud and rain came in.  We had enough layers to keep us warm, but perhaps not enough waterproofs. I swore we would get some, but then again, maybe we should just choose not to hill walk when we know the weather is going to be rainy.
The path up to the bottom of Ben Ime was very well laid – good for running on I thought… maybe I’ll do that one day..about a 10k run up and down… that’d be good.
Then from the foot of Ben Ime up, it was more or less pathless and for the most part boggy.  I had luckily chosen to wear my hiking boots instead of my cross country trainers, so when my feet went in the bogs, they stayed dry for the most part. But I didn’t appreciate the two very large blisters on my heels.  Never mind, they are plastered up with compeed plasters (brilliant invention)…and are well on the mend. (about an inch across!!)
It was quite a struggle to get up to the top… we had been going for just over 2 hours so we knew we would be near the top…but we couldn’t see it.  And there was about 3-4 times when we thought we were there, only to see another peak.  But we could only see about 20ft in front of us… so it was a little scary.
Ben Ime: 9.68M, 4:45, 3231ft, 800 cals, Ave HR: 129 (68%), Max HR: 196 (100%).
We had a good day anyway and we were back to the car just before 1pm when the rain poured down (just like the weather forecast said it would).  Luckily we were sitting in the back seat recovering and eating our lunch by then.
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