Wk34 – Tues – 10k run, Spinfit

Tuesday night, I was still feeling tired, but went to Bella and decided I would do a run instead of the normal gym/weights session.  I’m going to be stopping weights soon anyway for holidays… and could do with some more run practice before the 10k – especially at tempo speeds.
So, I decided I would run some of the half marathon route, as quickly as I could – tempo pace.
I ran out of Bella Park, in through the entrance at the top of the park, and down through the park, then out the other side and along to Pollock Park, the second entrance along Drumbreck Road up and down the two hills, then around and up and out of the park at Haggs Road.  At Dumbreck Road again a brilliant song came on and my pace increased by quite a bit…testing out shorter foot strikes as opposed to longer ones.
In fact, my whole playlist was great…one that stuck out was Take on Me by Wham and a few Eminem songs too.
Anyway I managed all but one miles in under 8 mins and finished the run in 47:40 mins = 7:41 pace / 7.8mph.  Very pleased with that effort!
1 00:07:46 1 07:46 7.7
2 00:07:52 1 07:52 7.6
3 00:08:05 1 08:05 7.4
4 00:07:13 1 07:13 8.3
5 00:07:39 1 07:39 7.8
6 00:07:37 1 07:37 7.9
7 00:01:25 0.2 06:59 7.5
0:47:41 07:41 7.8
RUN: 6.2M, 47:40, 673 cals, 7:41 pace
Ave HR: 165 (87%), Max HR: 178 (94%)
Then we had spinfit with Pauline.  Helen was on backshift so wasn’t around.  Confused smile  We didnt seem to work as hard, a lot of speed and resistance but my heart rate didn’t go above 146 (77%).. and I just burned 460 cals.
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