Wk34 – BodyPump

With the swim postponed I decided I would do body pump again instead of swimming on Monday night.
I took it easy as it was my first time back for ages, and luckily for me we had a stand in instructor Debbie instead of the usual idiot!!
WARM UP – 5kg
SQUAT – 8.5kg
CHEST – 3.5kg
BACK – 7.5kg
TRICEPS – 3kg / 5kg
BICEPS – 3.5kg
LUNGES – 7.5kg (killer after the run the day before!!)
SHOULDERS – 3kg / 5kg
The Triceps track and the shoulders track were a bit all over the place, but I’d been warned so it was ok.  I don’t feel sore today, which is good. 
I did ask about my squats, when I get about half way in I notice my back is working way too hard… I asked Debbie and she said to maybe engage my core, but that my form looks fine – maybe stick my ‘butt’ out more…
Really tired after the run etc on Sunday, wanted to get an early night but as usual, I didn’t.  Maybe tonight instead after spinfit. Open-mouthed smile
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