Wk33 – 13.1M half marathon prep

The end of the week last week and I had 3 rest days…Thursday, Friday, Saturday, with the full intention of doing a lot on the Sunday – 13.1 miles, plus teaching swimming.
I must do things again on Thursday so I’m not taking so many (x3) rest days a week… although I’ve only got a few weeks now til I’m off on holiday so we’ll see what happens.
Anyway, on Sunday I did the half marathon distance – most of it on the route which was good.  I ran with a mate Paul who I met at Bella and at the Mighty Deerstalker and at the Balloch to Clydebank half marathon.  He’s a good guy and I know from the Clydebank half that he runs about 1:30 mins a mile faster than me, so I knew he would be good to run with to get my pace up and keep it up.
We met at Bella at 9 and headed off… out through Bella Park, Pollock Park, up and down those hills, out of Pollock Park up Darnley Street, over to Pollocksheilds Road, then Eglington Toll and down the wee hill to Glasgow Green… that would be the finish line.  We kept going and had to battle against the wind along the Clydeside which was a little hard, but ok.  And as it’s not on the route it might make the day of the event a bit easier… fingers crossed.
Anyway – I ran at aroun 8:05 min miles…most of the early miles were around the 8 min mile mark and the later ones (around Clydeside) were up to 8:34…
I took a gel at about 8 miles, and started to feel tired at around the 10 mile mark – but kept going and finished consistent and strong.
1- 7:53
2- 8:03
3- 7:57
4- 7:54
5- 8:14
6- 7:49
7- 8:07
8- 8:11
9- 8:33
10- 8:34
11 – 8:18
12- 8:18
13- 8:30
0.1- 6:50
RUN: 13.1, 1:47:11, Ave HR: 168 (88%), Max HR: 180 (95%), Pace: 8:05 (7.4mph), 1400 calories
It was a little slower than the Clydebank one I did (1:42) but I think the route is slower with more hill for this one, as long as I do under 1:50 I’ll be happy if I’m honest…anything between 1:40 and 1:50…bearing in mind I’ll be dressed up like supergirl… 😉
2 weeks to go and I’m looking forward to it.
Really starving hungry today…had porridge and oj as usual…1 hour later and I am famished…that’s what running 13.1 miles then teaching swimming for 4 hours (about 900 cals) does to you!!
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