Wk33 – Wednesday run

So…I forgot to mention…the Great Scottish Swim is ‘postponed’ as there is blue green (toxic) algae in the lake… so I decided I would take a night off from swimming and just do the run.  I’ll try and do swimming twice a week from now on. Monday, Wed or Sunday.
I sat down when I got in, which was a bad idea… but I managed to prize myself up off the couch to go out for a run.  I run with my friend on a Wednesday night, she is just coming back from an injury and this is her third outside (10k) run since getting over it.  But last night it struck again.  We were running past a dog /puppy and it jerked at us (it’s owner was on her mobile, not in control of it and laughed – silly witch)… so my friend seemed to twist her knee.  Not good. We stopped for about half a minute at Maxwell Park to let her recover a bit.  Stupid dog owner.  
Anyway, we did just over 10k in around 58 mins…close to the time we did last week…so it can’t have been that bad.  And we got stopped with traffic a few times too.
We ended up averaging 9 minute miles, very similar to last week, 665 calories (666 last week).  The only problem was that about a quarter of a mile before the end my friend started to feel her injury again…and about a tenth of a mile from the end she pulled up and walked.  It’s really annoying, not that we stopped, but that her injury is coming back.  Grrrrr.
RUN: 6.3M, 57:53 mins, Pace: 9:00 min miles (moving), Calories: 665.
Here’s a summary of the 3 runs so far:
04/08/2010 11/08/2010 18/08/2010
Elapsed Time: 59:19 57:03 57:53
Moving Time: 58:41 56:41 56:31
Mile 1 09:20 08:56 09:06 (Stop for traffic)
Mile 2 09:22 08:58 09:59 (Stop for injury)
Mile 3 09:10 09:06 08:58
Mile 4 09:28 09:02 09:17
Mile 5 09:21 09:01 08:51
Mile 6 09:16 08:53 08:57
Mile 7 10:18 09:25 09:45
Ave Moving Pace: 09:16 08:57 09:00
Calories: 675 666 665
Ave HR: 147 / 77% 156 / 82% 148 / 78%
Max HR: 161 / 85% 178 / 94% 164 / 86%
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