Wk33 – Tuesday night gym n spin

On Tuesday night it was the usual visit to the gym, then spin fit.  Helen is back at spinfit again, and I wasn’t really feeling like ‘gyming it’ so I was tempted to go for two spinfit classes… but I decided to opt for the gym as usual before my spinfit class.
I got into the gym and realised that I didn’t really want to do weights…but that didn’t stop me.  I tried one of my new workouts… Workout 2 and varied it a little – still working on all areas of my body…but I missed some of the abs out.
KNEE EXTENSION – 4 x 8 – 80lbs / LEG CURL – 4 x 8 – 80lbs
SHOULDER PRESS (MACHINE) – 4 x 8 – 70lbs / VERTICAL ROW – 4 x 8 – 80lbs
VERTICAL CHEST PRESS – 4 x 8 – 70lbs / STANDING LATERAL RAISE – 4 x 8 – 6kgs
TRICEP EXTENSION – 4 x 8 – 50lbs / BICEP CURL – 4 x 8 – 8kg
I only really worked out for about 40 mins – so about 300 cals.
Then I went to spin and had a really good workout with Helen.  The same tracks I’ve been listening to since she lent me her CD.  It’s nice to know what’s coming up.
Ave HR: 126 (66%)
Max HR: 166 (87%)
Min HR: 67
Calories: 532
She invited us to her birthday night out on the 3rd of September and we might just think about going I think. Good for a laugh anyway.
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