Wk33 – Swim Session 8 (properly this time!)

Monday night – straight to the pool.  I felt the usual lethargic at about 4pm in work…and tired after work, but went straight to the pool and tried not to put off the inevitable.
I was in the pool at about 6pm and was going to do Swim Session 8 again – the 1 mile time trial.  I completed the mile in 29:27 last time I did it I think, so here I was trying to see how fast I would be this time.
It was busy as usual, around 3-5 people in the lane, but I was the fastest and luckily everyone let me past when I was swimming non stop (64 lengths). I forgot my heart rate monitor – or the right one for my watch anyway… so no HR or calories reading.
I tried out my new mask / goggles – they leaked a little so I’m going to try them again before the swim – probably Wednesday night where I think I’ll do the 1 mile trial again.  I decided I would change the kick set at the end to a pull set after the 15 mile run on Saturday and the 4 mile run on Monday morning, I figured my legs deserved a rest!
Swim Session 8 – 2400m – 43:50 – approx 500 cals.
100m FC /  FC kick / FC / FC pull: 1:38, 2:07, 1:38, 1:43. (0,23,14,2)
1600m FC:  15:57 (900m) + 12:00 (700m) = 27:57 (19)
400m FC pull: 7:08.
The mask was a little annoying – it was fine for a while, then let in water gradually over 36 lengths of non stop swimming and I had to stop and empty it.  I think it just needs tightened and it’ll be fine.  The window on the mask is clear though, and its nice and small so not too much resistance… the clear mask makes it easy to see out of, and I think I just need to make sure it fits properly before Saturday.  A swim on Wednesday should do it, and if I’m desperate a swim on Thursday too.  Hot smile
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