Wk30 – Wed – Run and Swim Session 2

On Wednesday I went to the gym and planned a 5 mile (8k) run… 3 miles of it were to be tempo…so I started at 11.5kph and aimed to increase the speed each mile…
I did the following:
1600m – 11.5 kph
1600-3200m – 12.5 kph
3200m-3600m – 13.5kph
3600m-8000m – 12 kph
I had planned to increase the speed each mile, but I got to 3.5k and was finding it a bit hard, so dropped it to 12kph (7.4 mph).
In total I ran 5k in 25 minutes, and 8k (5 miles) in 40 minutes – perfect 8 minute miles.
RUN: 5M, 40 minutes, 636 cals. Ave HR: 168 (88%), Max HR: 192 (100%+).
Then I went for my swim session 2.  80 lengths again (2000m).  Once again, I got about 30 – 35 minutes in and realised I was nearly finished and had lots left to give.  I’ve just conditioned my body into thinking I’m doing the hour swim (3000m – 3400m) so when I do these shorter sessions they are a total relief!! There was more swimming using BS and BC in this set so it took a little over 40 mins to complete, but still good.
SWIM SESSION 2 – 40:34, 508 cals
Ave HR: 148 (78%), MAx HR: 160 (85%), Min HR: 106 (56%)
200m FC / 200m BC – 3:30 (18) / 4:13 (14)
4 x 100m FC various – 1:44, 1:54, 1:56, 1:48
12 x 50m FC build – 11:02 (29)
250m FC – 4:33 (5)
250m BC – 5:34 (8)
100m BC kick – 2:44.
I had 500ml of water before the swim, 500ml of caffiene lucozade during the swim, then two pints of my rehyrdation juice after it… (500ml of lucozade mixed with 500mls of fresh orange juice).
Woke up this morning and was a little thirsty and hungry, but back to normal now after a lot of water and food.  🙂
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