Wk30 – Run, cycle, swim!!

Start the week as I mean to go on.. I only got 4 hours sleep on Sunday night… wasn’t feeling too good when I lay down…not sure why..but I eventually got to sleep around 2am.
I’d arranged to go for a run with Jackie – loop de loop around Pollock Park – 6 miles, and got to Bella to start at 6:45am.  Felt ok, and a nice steady run did me good. 
RUN: 6.1M, 55:30, Pace: 9:05, 650 cals.
Ave HR: 137 (72%), Max HR: 162 (85%)
I started my Monday cycling to work, with the plan that I’d go straight from work to the pool to swim.  I got to about 3pm and I raelly felt low…tired… knackered in fact… the plan was to do swim session 9, which was a monsterous 3.2km swim which would take about an hour.
I was tempted not to go at all, and spoke to my gf to see if she thought I should go.  She suggested I reduce the amount I swim…so …after work, I got to work getting a swimming training plan together… shorter distances of between 80 lengths and 96 lengths (2000m – 2400m).  I made 12 sessions in total and did the first one last night.
The sessions still comprise of a Warm up, two sets and a swim down…but this way I’ll be swimming between 40 and 50 minutes and I (hopefully) won’t feel so knackered after it all!!
I’ll post up yesterdays swim session on the next post.  🙂
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