Wk29 – Long run on Saturday

On Thursday night I went out for dinner and on Friday I went to work then went shopping after work (day/night off).
And on Saturday it was long run time.  I left at around 9:30 and aimed to run the majority (70% / 9.26M) of the half marathon route I’m doing in September.  I’m guessing the more often I do the route, the easier it will be on the day.  So with aruond 6 weeks to go…I’m well in there for getting some good training runs in.
The route is above…from my flat, along Paisley Road West…into Bella Park…Pollock Park.. up and down some slight hills… down Titwood Road, Darnley Road onto a nice wee slope down Pollockshaws Road and back home.  At 8 miles I felt great and was almost considering doing the longer 11 mile route I’d planned for the weekend after, but I decided I should be sensible and stick to the 9 mile route.
I found it a little hard going into Pollock Park with the slight hill or two, but this was more than compensated for by the other downward slopes I had to run down.  I managed to notice after just 40 minutes that I had forgotten to wear my heart rate monitor…when I checked my heart rate..and it wasn’t there…then I realised. Doh.
I completed the run in 1:14 – an average of 8 minute miles (which would be 1:44 for the half)…the splits were as follows:
1 :  07:48    
2 :  08:07
3 :  08:22
4 :  08:12  
5 :  08:07
6 :  07:56
7 :  08:03  
8 :  08:02
9 :  08:03
I burned around 1000 calories and felt great after it.  I made sure I ran with my water pack to make sure I didn’t dehydrate and I think it worked.  I was a little tired later, and had my usual (well earned) afternoon nap.  Wink
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