Wk29 – Wednesday – run and swim 8

So… Wednesday night.  I did a fast run on the treadmill then went into the pool for the first time in ages and did swim session 8.  3300m.  I don’t know why, but the swim dread came back to me before I went in and I spent around 20 mins in the (hot) changing room ‘cooling down’ after my run.  Need to get over that and force myself to go.
I was going to run 4 miles (6.5k) – and wanted to try intervals where I pushed myself.  I ended up doing 3.3 miles (5.34k) but kept the intensity up.  I did 5k in 22 minutes, which is probably the fastest I’ve ever run a 5k in… 7:05 minute miles on average.  I did it in intervals:
0.5k @ 12.5kph (7.8mph)
1.5k @ 14.0kph (8.7mph)
0.5k @ 12.5kph (7.8mph)
1.5k @ 14.5kph (9.0mph)
0.5k @ 12.5kph (7.8mph)
0.6k @ 15.0kph (9.3mph)
After the 5k, I walked for around 3 mins, so 25 mins in total.  The next time I do it I’d like to keep up the 15kph for 1.5k and cool down for 0.5k… that’s the challenge anyway.
RUN: 3.3 miles, 25 mins, 325 calories.
After my run at about 7pm, I went to the pool.  Right away the pool was very hot…but that didn’t stop me sitting int he changing rooms… waiting before I got ready.  I really need to get over the dread. lol
The swim was tough, (first time back in ages) – but good.
SWIM SESSION 8: 3300m, 65:34. Front Crawl through out sets.
Ave HR: 145 (76%), Max HR: 161 (85%) – calories: 791.
100m, 200m, 300m, 400m: 1:39, 3:31, 5:15, 7:10
400m, 300m, 200m, 100m: 7:17, 5:40, 3:40, 1:40
6 x 100m (first 25m fast): 1:46, 1:50, 1:48, 1:49, 1:51, 1:50
6 x 50m: 0:54, 0:55, 0:52, 0:54, 0:53, 0:53
400m by 50m FC arms/FC kick: 9:22
It was 5 minutes slower than the last time I did it (this time last year)…but it still felt good.  I made sure I had 2 pints of lucozade mixed with Fresh OJ after it, but I’m feeling the effects of it today.  Cold, hot… tired, blurry eyes.  Mmmmm.  We’ll see if I can get used to it.
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