Wk28 – long fast run details

Here are the times from the weekend long fast run… I struggled somewhat having runt he first bit far too fast… so the timings don’t really make good reading… all over the place really:
1 – 8:04
2 – 7:45
3 – 7:20
4 – 7:55
5 – 8:03
6 – 8:15
7 – 9:39
8 – 8:44
9 – 8:50
Averaged 8:12 per mile, or 7.3mph.
By my fifth mile I was starting to feel it and over the 5th and 6th mile I slowed slightly.  At the 6th mile we came up to a rather long and steep hill, I managed to do a big sprint up the hill at the end of the 6th mile and walked for a bit after it… raised my heart rate up to 187 (98%)… and felt it for sure…I had spent myself… picked it up again after 2 minutes or so and ran the remaining 1-2 miles to the finish.
885 calories. Open-mouthed smile  I’ll do a 9 mile run this weekend…see if I can pace myself a bit better (at a more steady but hopefully still fast pace) when I’m running on my own.
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