Wk28 – Wed , Thu

On Wednesday I took a night off I think… walked to and from work, but didn’t do anything else… then on Thursday I thought about doing something, but instead decided against it and did something else – can’t quite remember what!!
On Thursday lunchtime I went to my first Physio session.  It went ok, but didn’t really get too mcuh from it.  Paul looked at how I stood, and checked my ankles out.  Then laid me on my back and manipulated my feet a bit.  Very flexible apparently…
Then I lay on my front and he manipulated them a bit more…and my right one (sore one) cracked a little… yuk… its still sore when I ‘dorsiflex’ my foot up towards my leg.  Its not sore when I run, but isn’t quite right so I got an apponitment for 10 days time after I do some more running etc.
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