Wk27 – 10M Pollock Park

I got up for about 9ish on Saturday and ran from the flat to Bellahouston…then on our normal 6M ‘loop de loop’ in and out of Pollock Park.  8 Miles in total, I was going to maybe do 4 miles in the park, but decided I’d do the 6 mile loop (to do 8 in total) then decide when I got to Bella if I wanted to do more (another 2 miles home).
The weather wasn’t nice…it wasn’t even raining properly…smirry rain.  I had my red puma water repellent jacket on… and a buff for my ears – and shorts of course.
Felt ok anyway, not too hot or too cold.
I felt good after my run on Friday, and don’t remember being stiff or sore after the fast pace on Friday.  I took it nice and steady on Saturday anyway:
I ended up getting to bella and feeling fine so asked a girl I know there if she thougth I should do another 2 miles, or get a lift home – and she said run home…so I did. Open-mouthed smile Glad I’m able to!!
I was happy with my pace anyway- 8:19 per mile or 7.2 mph.  Getting faster – generally stayed between 8:00 and 8:00 minute miles.
(Garmin slightly out after mile 8 as I didn’t stop the timer when I stopped at Bella…)
RUN: 10.1M, 1:26, 1100 cals, Pace: 8:19.
1 – 7:52, 2 – 8:24, 3 – 8:23, 4 – 8:20, 5 – 8:18, 6 – 8:25, 7 –  8:17, 8 – 8:23, 9 – 8:20, 10 – 8:31.
Didn’t do the weights or anything in the gym obviously…as I’d spent the time running instead.  Just realised last night I really should have taken on some extra fluid… oops… must remember that!!
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