Wk27 – Run and Body pump

Usual Monday with a bit of a blip… I didn’t do my early morning run as I was tired from the weekend and knew I needed my sleep.
So instead I did a 10 minute run on the treadmill before bodypump, then a half hour run after it on the track.
On the treadmill I started off at a steady 12kph (7.4mph) and increased it in the last 2 minutes to 13kph (8mph).  I didn’t have the right trainers on, but it was ok anyway.
RUN 1: Treadmill: 1.24M (2k), 10 mins, Ave HR 151 (79%), Max HR 173 (91%), 150 cals
Unfortunately for body pump, we just got started and the fire alarm went off.  We were out for around 25 minutes.  The instructor didn’t inform us that our workout would be cut short and just asked for a vote for if we wanted biceps and triceps or shoulders and lunges.  Triceps and biceps it was, so I got my weight ready for them, only to realise that she was conitinuing with the chest workout…so not only was I cutting my workout short, I also had too light a weight on for the chest track.  Grrr.
Body Pump:
WARM UP – 5kg
SQUATS – 9.5kg
CHEST – 3.5kg
BACK – 8.5kg
TRICEPS – 3.5kg
BICEPS – 3.5kg
Weights were right apart from the chest exercises….slowly increasing them.  Going to do body pump on Wdnesday night I think.
My friend is injured and wanted to try out running…so we did a safe run around the track, boring as hell, but glad I did it.
RUN 2: On the Track – 12.5 laps, 5k (3.1M), 30 minutes, Ave HR 146 (76%), Max HR 157 (82%), Cals 368.
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