Wk26 – Morning Run then Body pump later….

On Monday morning I got up to be out the flat for 6:45am.  It was nice weather and I decided to run along the Clyde and try for 4 miles. 
I figured that if I ran along to the bridge at Adelphi street across from Glasgow Green it would be about 2 miles… I hadn’t been along that way so I didn’t know if the path went right along by the side of the Clyde.  But it did.  Open-mouthed smile  I ran back along and over the Squinty bridge, running just over 4 miles in total.
I ran 4.12 very flat miles in 34:45.
A nice easy run.  Smile  After the second mile (8:45), I managed to speed up a little, finishing the last mile at 8:16 per mile.
RUN: 4.12M, 34:45, Calories: 441, Pace: 8:20 / 7,2 mph, Ave HR: 153 (79%), Max HR: 173 (91%).
In the evening, I did a short 1km run on the treadmill (5 mins) as the warm up for Bodypump.
I kept the weights not too heavy and managed each exercise, apart from the plank which I need to work harder at.  Embarrassed smile  It just gets to the end and I can’t be bothered!! Surprised smile
WARM UP – 5kg
SQUATS – 8.5kg
CHEST – 5kg
BACK – 7.5kg
TRICEPS – 3.5kg
BICEPS  – 3.5kg
LUNGES – 7.5kg
I’ll keep them at the same weights for next week and see how it feels.
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