Wk21 – Wed 26th, run run (no swim)

On Wednesday I got up early again and did another recovery run.  Out the door for just before 7, I went along to the squigley bridge, then along the other side of the river to the bells bridge.  It was 2.4 miles, (4k) and I felt good doing it.  Once again my foot was letting me know it was still recovering, but the pain wasnt bad.
I felt great after it, and did it a little faster than I ran on Monday. 
RUN 1: 2.44 miles, 21:36 mins, pace: 8:48, cals 295. Ave HR: 147 (77%), Max 159 (83%).
After work I went to Bella with the intention of running on the treadmill for a short time and going for swim session 7.  I felt good when I got on the treadmill just after half 5.  I ran at 10.5kph (6.5mph) and just kept it nice and steady.  I had the Script on my ipod, and just took it nice and steady.  I got to 2k, and I decided that instead of running 4k, like I’d planned, I’d do 5 easy. It was a lot slower than I used to run, btu I’m cool with that just now, I can build up speed after or later in these 6 weeks of recovery.
RUN 2: 3.1 miles, 28:30 mins, pace: 9:12, cals: 371. Ave HR: 151 (79%), Max HR: 161 (84%). 
As I said I was going to do my swim and was all set for it, but something came up and I had to do that. By the time I’d done it, it was too late for me to swim on an empty stomach so I opted for dinner instead.
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