Women’s Fairytale 10k

So on Sunday we had the well anticipated Women’s 10k.  I entered in December of last year in the hope that I’d improve on my time of 48:15 from last year…but as I tore ligaments in my foot, and as three of my friends were injured too…we decided we’d dress up for it and raise money for Charity!
The theme was little red riding hood.  There was the wolf (me), little red reding hood, the woodchopper and the granny.  It was a great laugh…. we started at the back of the purple section and jogged for about 2k, until one of us hurt… then we jogged every now and again.  My foot actually felt ok, not brilliant but ok.  It was swollen at night, so I know I can’t run yet, but good to know I was still fit.  Not sore today either.
We took a bucket around and eventually finished in 1:35 and raised £140 from all the spectators!!  It was a great laugh and we got loads of photos taken…. we’re even on page 6 of the Herald today (page 6)!!!! And I’m in the Metro (page 23)!! We got lots of laughs and had a great time…even though we were injured!!
Here are the pics on my facebook page…
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