Tuesday 27th – Swim Session 3

On Tuesday night I went swimminf after the gym.  Swim Session 3.  I was diong it slightly different than before, as there was some kicking in the last 800m set… I just did 8 x 100m alternating between FC swim (kicking with 1 leg) and FC arms only.  This meant I did it faster than before, but the main difference was in the last set.
3200m, 59:35 mins, Ave HR: 147 (77%), MAx HR: 166 (87%), Calories: 737
400m Steady (arms only): 7:12 (20 secs rest)
400m Build (intermittent kick): 7:21 (13 secs rest)
400m Fast (kick with 1 leg): 6:22 (50 secs rest)
4 x (3 x 100m) FC Pull with paddles: (aiming to have every 3rd 100ms faster)
1:38 (3), 1:45 (5), 1:45 (6)
1:48 (5), 1:47 (4), 1:44 (5)
1:48 (8), 1:45 (6), 1:42 (5)
1:42 (3), 1:48 (6), 1:47 (58)
800m (100m FC swim /  100m FC arms only): 14:41
I felt good through out and my ankle only twinged a little.  There were better people in the lane, letting me keep going and not getting in my way.  Once guy did kick me (in my sore leg!) whilst he did breast stroke, but he rather nicely stopped and apologised (and let me past!)
I noticed a guy we do spin fit in swimming.  His kick was almost non existant, so I hung back a little after I’d finished and gave him a 10 minute lesson on kicking. It worked wonders!!  He needs the help – he’s doing an ironman in August!!
Rest night Wednesday night I think, then gym and swim on Thursday. 😀
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