Wk17 – Monday 26th April

So on Monday night I went to the pool and did swim session 2.  3000m of swimming, not using my legs for the majority of it.  I did kick a little and when my right foot wasn’t sore I kept at it.
I swam the set (120 lengths / 3000m) in 57:52.  Ave HR: 141, Max HR: 156, Min HR: 71, Calories: 664
The set was as follows:
3 x 4 x 100 (arms only)
1. 50m FC fast arms / 50m FC steady
2. 100m Distance per stroke (19-20)
3. 4 x 25m FC build
4. FC arms only 3/5/3/7 breathing
5 x 200m FC pull (descend)
8 x 100m
50 FC swim /  50m FC arms only
I was struggling a bit, that I couldn’t use my legs for the whole set, but managed ok anyway.  It was also a little annoying as the lane was pretty full, so I had to slow a few times… all in all I probably did the same sort of time as I did this time last year when I was training for the triathlon.  I seem to be at the same level as when I was on my 2nd round of the swim sessions last time.
I think I’ll try and stick with swimming for a bit longer – aim for at least 2 sessions a week, maybe 3 or 4, and include some upper body weights in the gym. That way I’ll give my leg a total rest.
Here’s the plan for up to September when I have my half marathon… note the 8-10 weeks off running and spin!!  Confused
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