Rehydration worked!!

So.. everytime I went swimming… about 3 hours later I got really cold, then about 12 hours later I got really hot… sweats… tired, horrible feeling.
I ususally drink a 500ml energy drink whilst I swim, and drink plenty through the day, so didn’t think it would have anything to do with dehydration – but last night I tested the idea that swimming makes me dehydrated.  It isn’t in a sore head way… its just a really weird way that only swimming makes me feel.
So last night, after swimming, I mixed 250mls of orange juice with half a bottle of gatorade  and drank it with my dinner.  I then drank the same throughout the night before bed.  2 pints of the mixture.  Open-mouthed
And today – guess what?! I feel great!  I was still cold about 3 hours after the swim, but I think that was just tiredness setting in.  And once again, I was really tired this morning, but I think I just need to get used to it.  8 weeks of swimming between 2-4 times a week should do that!!
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