Wk 17 – on the mend?

So… my ankle is on the mend, but still sore… it’s been 2.5 weeks since I fell over it and it does feel a little stronger, but I still can’t run on it.
I didn’t do much last week.. did the swim on teh Sunday… a few walks to work.  I had the kids at the weekend, and I couldn’t chase after them… felt a little odd – but nevermind.  I can run on my tip toes sort of – but I’m not going there.
Oh and I did 20 press ups for a kid last night at swimming teaching – long story – but it was funny.
So tonight’s plan is another swim. Swim session 2.  Then maybe – if I have any energy left – I’ll go up to the gym to do some weights…
Then the rest of the week – I’m not sure about.  I’d like to get back to the gym… get some upper body weights done, and maybe more swimming I think!
Mon – Swim 2 , Upper weights
Tue – Swim 3, Lower weights
Wed – Swim 4, Upper weights
Thu – Swim 5, Lower weights
Fri – Rest
Sat – Swim 6.
I have a feeling that I won’t do all those swims, but I’ll see how I get on!
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