Wk 16 – week of rest… :-(

So I haven’t updated this for a while… I’m afraid my ankle and back got the better of me and by Friday night my ankle was swollen and sore.
I found I had torn a ligament in my foot and bought some heavy 400mg ibuprofen to try to help with the swelling.  And instead of kidding myself on that I would get better and be able to exercise like I normally do, I decided I should be sensible and take some time out. I walked to and from work each day, but found by the middle of the week that my leg wasn’t getting any better.
Last week (week 15) I did the following:
MON: Body pump (light weights)
TUES: 2 sessions of spin fit
WED – SAT: Rest
SUN: Swim session 1 and swimming teaching.
The swim on Sunday was really good when I did it.  I was forced to swim without kicking my legs, and kicked off the wall with my good foot… but felt really good after it.  It was nice to get back into the pool.
Swim Session 1 took just over 57 minutes – 700 calories.
500m FC arms
5 x 100m FC arms (build)
5 x 200m FC arms
1000m FC arms.
The last part was meant to be a mixture of FC and BC, but as I wasn’t using my legs, I just did FC instead.
The swim went fine and I only got some strange effects about 12 hours after… I was really really hot… sweating and uncomfortable.  I’ve had it before, and it tended to happen a lot when I was swimming long distances before.  I’m blaming it on dehyrdration, but haven’t heard of anyone else getting similar.  It’s realy odd.  After about 12 hours, I get really tired and hot…  I’ll see if I can find anything out about it.
This week has been quiet.  I’ve even stopped myself from walking to and from work on Monday, Tuesday.  This morning I walked to work, and tomoro I will maybe do swim session 2 at Tollcross.
My ankle is still sore and it’s really annoying.  I’m trying not to let it get me down…and even have a plan for the women’s 10k.  We’re going to walk it and we’re all dressing up as Little Red Riding hood, Granny, Woodchopper and me – the wolf.  Lol
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