Wednesday 10th March – Run then BP

So as I’d taken Monday night off, I booked into body pump on Wednesday night.  I went for a run before hand the usual 3.7mile route to Maxwell Park and back. 
My mate who I was running with hurt her leg about 3.5 miles in so we walked home.  I felt ok running anyway, over the most of the cold which is good.  And I’m sure I’ll be ok for the half marathon on Sunday. 
Anyway – 3.5M in 30:44 mins was ok, 6.9mph or so.  Glad to be over the cold anyway.
Then after the run I had my dinner and got ready to go to Body Pump with Helen – 60 mins, 500 cals:
I used the following weights this week and they all felt just right:
WARM UP – 5kg
SQUATS – 10kg
CHEST – 5kg
BACK – 7.5kg
BICEPS – 3.5kg
LUNGES – 8.5kg
SHOULDERS – 5kg / 2.5kg
I’m enjoying body pump and am able to fit in another two of my weights programmes in the week too which is good.  The next one will be on Thursday night.
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