Tuesday 23rd February – gym & spin fit

On Tuesday I went to the gym before going to spin fit again.  There were no treadmills again… so I opted for a 10 minute warm up on the bike before my weights.
CYCLE: 10 mins, level 9, +80rpm, 4.5km. – 120 cals
Some plonkers were using the 12kg and 14kgs so it meant I was unable to use them… they were taking turn about – so I couldn’t use either of them. Arg.
WEIGHTS – Week 8 – set 2 – 60 mins – 380 cals
BENCH DIPS – 3 X 20 / HAMMER CURLS – 3 X 10 – 10KG
SINGLE ARM TRICEP EXTENSION – 3 x 12 – 10kg / SQUATS – 3 x 20 – 8kg
UPRIGHT ROW – 3 X 20 – 8KG / PRESS UP – 3 X 20
POWER CLEANS – 3 X 20 – 10KG / BOX STEPS – 4 X 10 – 8KG
All in all a good work out but I wanted to do bench presses with 14kgs and wasn’t able to.  I need to now think of a new routine to do for after this week.
SPIN FIT was good again – Helen was the instuctor again.  I tried to remember all of the types of exercises we did… but got lost after about 6…  She intoduces each one with ‘welcome to you warm up track’ or ‘welcome to you hill track’.  It’s really good.
Anyway, spin fit went as follows:
WARM UP (general warm up on the bike)
HILLS (resistance on, pedalling fast to music)
FAST (pedalling fast in time with music, 4rounds i think)
INTERVALS (30 secs fast, 20 secs rest x 6)
WIND UP (winding up the resistance 60 times, everytime the singer sings ‘wind up’)
RUNNING ( 3 sets of running, increasing resistance each time)
SPINFIT: 45 mins, 562 cals, Ave HR: 144, Max HR:167.
Lets see how I get on the rest of the week, although I feel a bit of a funny head coming on… sore throat type…arg.
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