Saturday 20th February – Long run 13 miles…

Saturday morning we started from mine and went along to the Gorbals, up to Victoria Road, west towards Terregles avenue, up Dumbreck Road, into Pollock Park, our of Pollock Park at Corkerhill road. Up to and into bella park, out of bella park, up Nithsdale Road, down Sheilds Road, along Albert Drive and back down to the flat. 
I was running with my friend Jackie and she was struggling a bit with the hills, so it meant we cut a little bit in Bella Park (I didn’t tell her to go ahead so she turned left). 
In total we did 12.67M in 2 hours 4.
i felt ok through out the run, however I did wear my new trainers which maybe wasn’t the cleverest thing I’ve ever done.  Sore knees and hips by 4pm and a sore back on sunday… ho hum – I’ll learn that one for next time.
Anyway I feel fine now, and looking forward to another week where hopefully I can get stuck into it.
RUN: 12.67M, 2:04 hours, Pace: 9:27 mins per mile, 6.4mph, HR: Ave 151 (79%), Max HR: 164 (86%). Cals 1350.
Had a nice day in the afternoon – went to the museum of transport and out for a two course lunch at tattie macs.  yum.
need to get back into running again this week… fingers crossed my old body can hack it without complaining too much!!!
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