Saturday 13th Feb – Early Morning Run as the sun came up.

On Saturday morning we decided we would get up early and do the women’s 10k route – as the sun came up.  We left the flat at about 6:45 and started our run about 6:55.
We started where Nithsdale Road meets Fleurs Avenue and ran the first mile quite quickly – about 7.4mph.  We ran up Maxwell Drive, along to Terregles Avenue and down to Haggs Road.  From there we went into Pollock Park, and up toward the dreaded 1 mile long hill and out of the park along to Mosspark Boulevard.
The run was good, we slowed a little going into Pollock Park and up the hill on miles 4 and 5, but we managed to finish in a very respectable 53:30.  Not bad for a training run.  8:37 minute miles, or an average 7mph. 
RUN: 6.2M, 53:30, Pace: 8:38, 7mph, 675 calories. Ave HR: 152, Max HR: 164.
It was dark as we started and it slowly got lighter as we went round.  It was a nice clear morning and well worth getting up for!
The good thing is, I know I can run faster, so it’ll be good to do the run a few more times before May to see how we progress.
I’d like to introduce long runs up to 10 miles and hill runs – perhaps running the hill in Pollock Park up to 6 times for a session and do speed sessions also.  I’m going to get a training plan together for the remaining 4 weeks before the half marathon and the remaining 12 weeks before the 10k.
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