Monday 15th Feb – Body Pump no 7

On Monday night I went to body pump again.  I hadn’t got up for my run in the morning as I’d been in the pool for most of the night on Sunday night witht he kids.  I did 500m before they came in and remembered how hard it is to try to get back into swimming!!  I felt a little guilty for not going for my run as it always sets me up well for my week – but never mind.  I’ll just need to catch up later this week!!
Anyway – for body pump I used the following weights:
WARM UP: 5kg
SQUATS: 10kg
CHEST: 5kg
BACK: 7.5kg
TRICEPS: 3.5kg
BICEPS: 3.5kg
LUNGES: 8.5kg
SHOULDERS: 5kg / 2.5kg
It all felt just right again.  This is week 3 of my second group of weights and the amount I’m using feels just right.  It was tough on the squats, chest, back and biceps.
I could possibly increase the triceps and back weights by 1kg each.
I got my heart rate monitor strap replaced and it showed I burned 300 calories… not ideal, but better than nothing and I’m really liking body pump – despite the fact that the instructor talks the biggest amount of c**p I wever heard!!
Couldnt get up again this morning for a run – so have to do it on Wednesday morning!! or ELSE!
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