Thursday 11th February – Gym, Run, BB

On Thursday night I took the usual trip over to Tollcross – got there about quarter to 7.
Once again all the treadmills were taken – so no ‘warm up run’ for me… instead I went straight into the weights again.  The weights were kind of lacking so I was stuck with 14kgs and 6kgs later on… and there was a very smelly fat man in the gym which wasn’t very nice.  I did more machine weights as it seemed too busy to do mostly free weights – good for a change.
WEIGHTS – 1 hour – Power week 2 – day 2.
BENCH PRESS – 3 x 10 – 14kg / BENCH DIPS – 3 x 20
TRICEP KICKBACKS – 6 x 12 – 14kg / SINGLE LEG ALT ROW – 6 x 12 – 14kg
SHOULDER PRESS – 3 x 15 – 60lbs / LATERAL PULL DOWN – 3 x 15 – 80lbs
ADDUCTOR – 3 x 15 – 80lbs / ABDUCTOR – 3 x 15 – 80lbs
LEG PRESS – 3 x 12 – 180lbs /  HEEL RAISE – 3 x 12 – 180lbs
REVERSE CURL – 2 x 12 – 6kg /  PRESS UP – 3 x 20
I didn’t do any abs, instead went on the treadmill to do a 20 minute run. 
I decided to take it easy and ran for a mile mins at 7mph, walked for a bit, then ran for the rest of the time at around 6.6mph.  A nice easy pace, but I could still feel it and my calves especially felt it.  Thinking perhaps it’s time I got a few days rest from running maybe?
RUN: 2.3miles, 20 mins, 280 calories.
After that I went to play basketball.  There were 7 of us – so half court full court was on.  It was good. I was on the team with Nadra and Ross – and was marking Pauline.  Pauline is very good at getting space and getting baskets which she did.  I think we maybe won the first game, lost the second game (both up to 7) then won the last game 3-1.  I scored the last basket by running all the way up the court and luckily got it in.  Phew.  🙂
Walkt to and from work: 130 cals
WEIGHTS: 350 cals
RUN: 280 cals
Basketball: 600 calories
1360 calories.
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