Thursday 28th January – Run, Weights, BB

On Thursday night I went to Tollcross again for my usual run, weights and basketball.  I arrived at about half 6 and there was a queue right out the door – so I took the opportunity to enter through the exit door and avoid the queue.  Bad I know, but I’d have wasted valuable work out time waiting. 🙂
I went on the treadmill to start, a fast paced 20 minute run at 7.6mph. Just over 2.5 miles – pace: 7:53.  I’m not liking running without a heart rate monitor as it’s still not fixed – might need to buy a new one. Boo hoo.  I worked up a sweat in the run anyway, and am guessing my heart rate maybe averaged around 165 (85%) and maxed about 173.
Then I went on to do my WEIGHTS – week 4 day 2 – 1 hour.
INLCINE PRESS – 3 x 25 – 30lbs / HAMSTRING CURL – 2 x 25 – 50lbs
LATERAL PULL DOWN – 3 x 25 – 70lbs / KNEE EXTENSION – 2 x 25 – 50lbs
REVERSE CURL – 2 x 25 – 6kg / REVERSE LUNGE – 4 x 25 – 10kg
SQUAT – 3 x 25 – 10kg / HEEL RAISE 3 x 25 – 10kg / BARBELL CLEAN & PRESS – 3 x 10 – 15kg
BAR DIP – 2 X 25 – 10kg / CLOSE GRIP PULL UP – 3 X 25
ABS – 3 x (4 x 20)
It was a good workout with a good lead in from the run before hand.  Nice and warmed up for it.
I played basketball after that, and there were 7 there last night. Christine, Ross, Pauline, Ruth, Maryam, Kirsten and me. I ended up on the team of 3 for half court full court, with Kirsten and Ross.  Kirsten and Ross were both playing well and although we were a man down we were playing well as a team.
We won the first two games I think, then lost the third and won the last.  I wasn’t shooting too well in the warm up, but got a few in during the games.
Just before the end I slipped and landed on my right side… clattered my hip and elbow – I was ok, but expected major bruising.  None so far anyway.  Good thing is we got the ball, and I fired it up to Kirsten who scored the last basket and won the game!..  🙂  Must wear my asics next week as they seem to have more grip / support!!
Total calories: Walk to and from work: 160, RUN: 300, Weights: 400, Basketball: 600. Total: 1360
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