Monday 25th January – Body Pump

On Monday night I went to body pump – it was mega busy with about 35 people jammed into the dance studio.  Sad
We managed to fit in at the back, but there was an idiot guy who had no timing next to me.  Luckily I couldn’t see him most of the time, but if I could he would have been really off putting. Up and down at the wrong time and he was doing the exercises all wrong. 
As it was so busy, I didn’t get exactly the weights I was looking for – got 2 x 5kgs, 2 x 2.3kg and 2 x 1.1kg.
I used the following weights this week and found it ok – but I was struggling a bit with the chest, biceps and shoulder ones again!
WARM UP – 5kg
LEGS – 7.5kg
CHEST – 5kg
BACK – 7.5kg
TRICEPS – 3.5kg
BICEPS – 3.5kg
LUNGES – 7.5kg
SHOULDERS – 5kg / 2.5kg.
I had to rest a little on the chest exercises and a little on the biceps and shoulders.  But the triceps, back, lunges and legs were fine.
No run on Monday morning – I couldn’t get out of my bed!!  SurprisedCrying
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