Saturday 23rd January – Long Run

On Saturday morning I ran to Bellahouston to start a long run with my friend.  I knew I’d be running for jsut under two hours so I took a 500ml bottle of water with me.  Thought that was me being sensible.
I ran the two miles to bella in about 16:35 mins, averaging about 7.3mph – nice and comfortable.
I met my friend and ran from Bella to Paisley and up, round and back to Bella.  9.74 miles for that section.  11.74 miles in total.  I was running at my friends pace – about 6.6mph and did the 9.74M in just over 91 mins. 
I was using my Garmin again and it was a great help to see how far we were running, and how far we had gone.  It was great to plug it up at the end and see what we’d done.
RUN: 11.74M, 1:47 hours, 1287 calories burned, Ave HR: 151 (79%) , Max HR: 170 (89%)
About 2pm I got a really sore head – dehydration I’m betting. 😦  It lasted all day – even though I had eaten and drank that 500mls of water.  If I’m doing that sort of distance I really need to make sure I drink plenty, before, during and after it!!
Think the next step for my long run is to maybe run it on my own and see how my pace goes.  🙂  And drink plenty of water on the way!
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