Sunday 6th – long run…

On Sunday I ran 11 miles from my flat around the south side of Glasgow. It was going to be a new route for me, so I had a sort of plan, but just ran where I wanted to more or less.  I was taking it nice and easy and there was no restriction / goal on time.  I set my I pod nano / nike plus for 90 minutes and started running.
I ran towards the new squiggly bridge, over it, along to Glasgow Green, up towards the gorbals, up to the top of Victoria Road.  From there I ran west towards Terregles avenue and into Pollock Park.  It was a bit of an up and down route within Pollock Park, but was refreshed by the nice smell of the park…and promised myself I’d run in the park more often! (instead of around it like I do now).
Out of Pollock Park I went up Corkerhill Road… where a pair of idiots stopped in their Audi to ask me directions…. Duh… ‘I’m running – and I’m 7 miles from home – I don’t know’… I felt like saying…!!!  I didn’t know where they were talking about so it ended up I stopped for less than 10 seconds.
Up to Bella Park along Mosspark Boulevard, Fleurs avenue, down Maxwell Drive and around along St Andrews Drive and home.  11 miles in total!
And I managed to get back to the flat in 89:49 exactly!  Just under 90 minutes!
RUN: 11 miles, 89:49 mins, 1180 calories, Pace: 8:24 miles per min, 7.1mph
Ave HR: 163 (85%), Max HR: 193 (maxed!), Min HR: 68.
I was 9 stone 6 after my run, so I must have lost a bit of water / sweat on the run!
And, I had to teach swimming for 4 hours after it so I probably burned well over my daily intake of 2000 calories a day! And as a result I’ve been starving ever since… need to increase the calorie intake I think!!
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