Friday 4th Dec – 5.1M run

After a rather painful 5.1 miles running on the treadmill on Thursday night… I was looking forward to running outside on Friday night straight after work.
I did my usual 5.1M route to Queens Park and back and did it in 41:30 – the same time as I did that distance on the treadmill the night before.  But this time, I kept a steady pace and sprinted towards the finish the way I normally do on that route.
I felt a lot better on the run, and although it was dark and spitting at some points – it was fine and it just reminded me how much I like running outside compared to running on the treadmill.
RUN: 5.1M, 41:30 mins, 505 calories, Pace: 8:08 mins per mile. 7.4 mph.
Ave HR: 156 (82%), Max HR: 179 (94%), Min HR: 81.
On Saturday I had a rest from running, after having run 4 times this week (20 miles, Mon, Tues, Thu, Fri) in anticipation of running 11 miles on Sunday!
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