Thursday 3rd December – Run then BB

On Thursday night I went to the gym to do a 5.1 mile run on the treadmill, then played basketball for an hour.
The run was hard work.  I’d set myself the following goal:
1M – steady – 7.4mph
0.75M – fast – 8.0mph
0.25M – steady – 7.4mph
0.75M – fast – 8.3mph
0.25M – steady – 7.4mph
0.75M – fast – 8.6mph
0.25M – steady – 7.4mph
0.75M – fast – 9.0mph
0.25M – steady – 7.4mph
0.1M – cool down.
After the first interval, it was clear that I wouldn’t be able to make it up to 9mph, so I tried it in 0.2mph increments instead.
8.0mph, 8.2mph, 8.4mph, 8.6mph.
It was hard after the first interval, and after the second I walked.  The stupid treadmill cut out after the allocated time of 20 mins, so I had to stop anyway – thankfully.
I still managed 5.1 miles in 41:30 and burned around 570 calories.  Ave HR was: (168 (88 %) and Max HR was:185 (97 %)
Then I played an hour of basketball.  I felt almost sick at the start of it, but a bit of running around and laughing soon fixed me.  I did a blinder of a layup which only one other person noticed,but I noticed it which was good.  Had a good time anyway.
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