Tuesday morning run (1st Dec)

I had the day off work on Tuesday to get carpets fitted in my flat.  So at 8:30 I went for a run.  The just over 10k route from my flat around nithsdale road and back.  I decided to do it backwards, which was hell as it seemed up hill all the way.
I had long tights on, and underlayer and tshirt on my top and my high viz yellow jacket and my hat.  My legs and bum were freeznig though!! Perhaps need to run with another pair of trousers on top when it’s cold.  Although it was minus 2.5 degrees C!
My heart rate monitor was all over the place – kept going up to 240 in error… so my avg HR was 188, Max HR 240.  Need to tighten it I think.
51 minutes, 650 calories, Pace: 8:02 minutes per miles. 7.4mph.
It was getting hard at around the 6k mark… but I managed to keep going and did quite a good time: a 49:52 10k.
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