Monday 23rd – morning run

I’m fed up of being ill… Friday and Saturday spent most of it in bed…so Sunday I made an effort to get up and try and be well.  And it seemed to work.
So I decided I’d try a nice easy run this morning.  My usual 3.7 mile route to Maxwell park and back.  I left at 6:45 and ran with my running buddy Jackie, who I’ve managed to get into Nike too… she is logging her runs and logged another 3.7 miles this morning.
I felt fine this morning, and as I was running it was getting slightly lighter – probably got light around 7:30.
RUN: 3.7M, 34 minutes, 400 calories.
Ave HR: 150 (79%)
I want to work out a nice regime for myself this week and ease myself back in to training.  I also have set myself another challenge of 150 miles in 13 weeks which was started on the 7th of November.  So far I’ve done around 24 miles, so I need to aim to do around 13 miles a week until the end of January!!  Hopefully I’ll be ok with that!!
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