Wednesday 18th – long run in the rain and dark

On Wednesday night I went to the gym, and instead of going in, I got my waterproof on and ran outside.
Right now here, it’s getting dark by about 5.  I’d had a half shift so was at the gym for just before 5, but by the time I got changed into my running stuff, it was dark.
There are some good streetlit paths around the gym, but I didn’t want to do any loops, so I planned on running where I knew there would be street light, and where I knew it would be safe.
So I took a right out of Bellahouston leisure centre and up towards Nithsdale Road.  Up Nithsdale Road to where it meets Darnley Street and turned right up to Haggs Road.  I was at just under 40 minutes there, so I knew if I wanted to do a long run (10k) I would need to add on a bit of a loop. I ran up Haggs Road and back down it to where I’d turned left, then up Mosspark Blvd back to Bella.
All in all it was 10.5k in 52 minutes. I was really pleased with it.  Even though it was pouring with rain and I got soaked through.  It was a good run, even despite the cars going past splashing me! 😦
RUN: 6.5M, 52 mins, 750 calories
PACE: 8 minutes per mile, 7.5 mph.
Ave HR: 163 (85%)
Max HR: 174 (91%)
Min HR: 89 (47%).
Felt tired on Thursday from it and think I will benefit from playing a bit of fun basketball then straight to bed Thurs night!!
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