Thursday 29th Oct – Gym, Cycle, BB.

On Wednesday night I woke at 2:40 with an unbearable pain in my tummy… about an inch below and to the right of my belly button.  It was there for around 2 hours… a bit like period pain, but much much worse and more on going.  Went to the Dr and it seems I may have an infection – perhaps due to being dehydrated!  Not good.  So I’m on the anti biotics for a week to clear it up.
I felt a little bit of pain on Thursday morning, but didn’t have it as bad as it was on Wednesday night – so that was a relief. 
After work I went to the gym – planned on an hour on the bike and an hour playing basketball – and did it with no hassle. (Although I did feel a little sick part way into basketball – it cleared up).
CYCLE: Level 8, 60 mins, 17.4 miles, 720 calories.
Warm up: 15 mins @ + 90rpm
8 x (4 mins @ + 95rpm, 1 min @ +85rpm)
Cool down: 5 mins @ +80rpm.
Ave HR: 145 (76%)
Max HR: 161 (85%)
Min HR: 95 (50%)
I hadn’t been on a bike for that amount of time in a while and it was hard after about 30 mins, but I kept at it and even did an extra 5 mins of the (4 min / 1 min) set.
Then I went to play basketball.  It was ok – got a good run around.  Ran quite a bit in the warm up – then played around 5 games – mixing the teams up.
Didn’t get injured much – or fall over which I usually do.  Got stabbed in the hand by Christine when I went for the ball – and got a ball on the right side of my face from Ruth, but apart from that it all good. No harm done!!
Total calorie burn for the day approx: 1450 (walk to and from work, cycle, basketball)
Oh and by the way – Wednesday was my 180th day off the booze!! Woohoo!
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